This guide is going to show you why I think Google Chrome is the best browser for web-based work. (Despite constantly being starved for RAM and constantly crashing) There are a ton of awesome ways to use Google Chrome with these little hacks that can help make it your own and your life a lot more efficient.

1. Chrome DevTools

By far the most useful feature in Google Chrome for most people working online. For those that don’t know about this all you need to do is go to a website and right-click anywhere on the page and simply hit the “Inspect” button. This will open the console and allow you to see everything from source code (with real-time editing) to even what scripts are firing with the network feature (great for finding slow/buggy code) and so much more. This tool will also allow you to pull color codes, fonts, and scripts directly from websites. Another great feature is if you are designing or working on a website you can view it on mobile right through the browser. I could go on all day about the ways you can use the dev tools but you should just check it out yourself and channel your inner hacker for a few minutes.

2. Profiles

Profiles help you stay organized and switch from a “work mode” back to “personal mode” depending on how you set it up. Here’s how it works, You can basically “log into” a google profile and set up extensions, themes, bookmarks, and whatever else depending on your use case. The way I like to use this is to go from a Personal to Work profile so my personal profile can run my ad blockers and have all my gaming and music bookmarks ready to go while my work profile is essentially just working extensions, tools, and bookmarks. The neat thing about this separation is it helps my brain go from work to play and vice versa when I need to get things done. This is essential if you are sharing a device with someone as you can and will want to have separated out search history and bookmarks.

3. Themes

I don’t know if you knew this or not but Google Chrome also has Themes! Basically, you can change the look and feel of Chrome by applying a theme. The coolest part of this is for multi-computer users as the themes actually save to your chrome profile allowing you to simply log into your Google account and your theme will be right there as normal. You can really spice up your web browsing experience with some of these awesome themes. Morpheon Dark is my personal favorite.

Link to Google’s Themes:


Bookmarks might not sound all that exciting but if you set up your bookmarks properly you can get a massive productivity boost in your day. I like to set up folders on my bookmarks bar so I can sort all the links I need in my day pretty easily. This saves me a ton of time when it comes to my workflow as I’m able to get to the web tools & sites that I need almost instantly.

5. Extensions

These are like little apps inside of Google Chrome that do various things. They can be anything from adding a feature to something, or even These are also.

Link to Google’s Extensions:

Here’s a list of some of my favorite extensions:

LastPass – I couldn’t work without this extension. The thing about LastPass is I can use it on anydevice, and segment out my use cases such as client passwords, personal passwords, and even family. It also creates strong passwords and allows you to update them without even going to the website. You can even share account access without sharing the actual password.

Facebook Pixel Helper – The absolute most useful Facebook Ads extension. This tool shows you the tags that are firing on pages and lets you know what pixels are on the page. If you run Facebook Ads and haven’t looked at this….boy.

Google Tag Assistant – This is an absolute must for any Google PPC person. You need to ensure that your tags are firing correctly and this is the extension to do it.

Grammarly – Probably my most used app of all time since my spelling is terrible. If you don’t know what Grammarly is you don’t internet or you can actually spell. Either way, Grammarly is pretty awesome unless you need to work on code then make sure you turn it off before you break your website.

Bitly – Link Shortener, great for hiding UTMs or really long “dirty” links.

And there you have it, the 80/20 of what you should do if you spend a ton of time in chrome.

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