Your Facebook Business page is a powerful marketing tool. Most people overlook some of the power within the business pages on Facebook and miss out on opportunities. I’m going to break down the areas where you can improve your business page which can result in lower lead costs, more leads, and just more opportunities to generate revenue from Facebook.

1. Profile Picture

The most often overlooked thing on your Facebook business page is the profile picture. This picture shows up in every ad and next to almost everything you do on Facebook. Make sure it’s something that looks good, ideally, the logo of your brand or a solid headshot works best. Many new businesses will forget to add this to their page before they start their marketing campaigns. You should also just remove the default photo altogether so people don’t see it. This photo not only looks unprofessional but to anyone that knows what it is known that your business is either brand new or very inexperienced in marketing on Facebook.

2. Your Business Page Name

This one is a tricky one because Facebook doesn’t allow you to change it without their permission and there is no guarantee that you’ll even be able to change it. Needless to say, the name of the business page is pretty important because it shows up just as often as the profile picture and makes a massive difference in click-through rates on your ads. Make sure your business page has a name that makes sense. If your page’s name is something super long or crazy-sounding your best bet would be to create a new one. You’ll just want to use something simple (like your business name) and leave it at that.

3. Page Info

This is found in the settings of your business page and has all the information about your business that you can enter into Facebook. Make sure you fill out as much of it as possible so Facebook shows your page as often as possible. Putting in information like your phone number, descriptions, email, hours of operation, etc will allow Facebook to show this information and also makes Facebook more likely to want to show your page to more people. This can also affect ad costs as some people may go to your page and if it looks new or has very little information on it people will become skeptical and won’t buy from you.

4. Custom Username

Having a custom username allows you to control what URL Facebook uses for your page. It allows you to change the “custom-username” part in this URL. This will make it much easier for people to find your page when searching for you. This is great for searchability and should be something you jump on right away. Remember that these are unique and can only be used by one person or business at a time. Make sure you get yours before someone else does.

5. Featured Image

This is the image on your main page also known as a cover photo. This image will sometimes show in your ad campaigns depending on which placement the user sees but doesn’t show in the majority of them. This is still the first thing most people will see if they land on your Facebook business page. They can get to the businesspage if decide to click on the profile image from one of your ads. This button is really small compared to the ad space and not many people click on it. This image does look different on desktop and mobile so keep that in mind when designing your featured image photo as the same image is used for both. You want to ideally make your’s some sort of call to action or something that highlights your service, product, or offer.

6. Call to Action Button

There is actually a call to action button on your page. This shows up at all times when people visit your page and can be something like “Call” which can be linked to a phone number or any number of options such as “message” or “Visit Website”. These call-to-action buttons are extremely powerful and allow you to decide which action is most important to you when someone visits your page.

7. Messenger Inbox

Did you know that your business page and personal page have separate inboxes? That’s right… they do. I’ve had agents come to me about messenger campaigns not working for them only to find that they’ve just not been replying to their leads because they never checked their inbox on the business page… Checking the inbox on your business page is something you need to do multiple times a day to ensure that you’ve answered all your messages. Facebook does keep track of this metric and will use it against you if you don’t pay attention to your notifications.

8. Managing Comments & Reviews

People can actually leave reviews on your business page much like on Google Maps. It’s best to ask your past clients to leave a review on your Facebook page when possible and also a good practice to reach out to anyone that’s left you a negative review and see if you can’t rectify the issue. You should also take any chance possible to reply back to any comments you receive on the page and to increase your engagement as the algorithm will give cheaper costs to pages that have good engagement


There you have it, the tips on how you can lower your ad costs and get even better leads without even having to log into the ads manager. Each of these tips will help optimize your business page. Each improvement will work to help your marketing campaigns on Facebook.

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